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Copyright (c) 2003 Bruno T. C. de Oliveira

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307 USA
Copyright (c) 2002 Bruno T. C. de Oliveira

Este programa é um software de livre distribuição; você pode
redistribuí-lo e/ou modificá-lo sob os termos da GNU General
Public License, conforme publicado pela Free Software Foundation,
pela versão 2 da licença ou qualquer versão posterior.

Este programa é distribuído na esperança de que ele será útil
aos seus usuários, porém, SEM QUAISQUER GARANTIAS; sem sequer
a garantia implícita de COMERCIABILIDADE ou DE ADEQUAÇÃO A
License para obter mais detalhes (uma cópia acompanha este
programa, armazenada no arquivo COPYING).

#include "document.h"
#include "vlayer.h"
#include "export.h"

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <string.h>

#define AEFLIC_RTFM \
"Syntax: aemakeflic [options] input.ae [outputfile.ext]\n" \
"\n" \
"   Produces an animation file from an aewan document. Each layer in the\n" \
"   document will be used as one frame of the animation. See the man page\n" \
"   for more information.\n" \
"\n" \
"   Options:\n" \
"\n" \
"      -f {less|sh}     movie format ('less movie' or shell-script)\n" \
"                       The default is less.\n" \
"      -N               suppress initial screen with instructions for\n" \
"                       the given format\n" \
"      -b               Disable colors (use text only)\n" \
"      -d {delay}       Delay in milliseconds between frames\n" \
"\n" \

#define DEFAULT_DELAY 100

/* settings */
FILE *outf;  /* the output file */
bool add_instructions = true;
Document *doc;  /* the document we are converting */
int width, height; /* animation dimensions */
bool use_color = true;
int interframe_delay = DEFAULT_DELAY; 
                      /* delay between frames (shellscript only) 
                       * given in milliseconds */

void rtfm() {

void output_lessmovie_instructions() {
   const int instruction_lines = 18;  /* VERY IMPORTANT: keep this value
                                       * in sync with the message below.
                                       * It indicates how many lines it 
                                       * occupies! */
   const int instruction_cols = 70;   /* this can be overestimated but
                                       * not underestimated */
   int lines_left;
   int i;

         "----------------------------------------[ TOP ]----------\n"
         "AEWAN LESS-MOVIE\n\n"
         "This is an ascii animation intended to be viewed in the 'less'\n"
         "pager. You must set your terminal dimensions to the following:\n\n"
         "                %d columns x %d rows\n\n"
         "Then run 'less -c -r <filename>.ae' and hold down the PageDown key\n"
         "to see the animation play.\n\n"
         "You can tell if the terminal dimensions are correct by looking at\n"
         "the top and bottom dotted lines: the one marked '[ TOP ]' should\n"
         "appear at the topmost line of the terminal and the dotted line\n"
         "marked [ BOTTOM ] should appear at the bottommost. As you page-down\n"
         "a few times, they should REMAIN FIXED, not move around.\n\n"
         "This animation was generated with AEWAN, an open-source ascii and\n"
         "animation editor. Visit http://aewan.sourceforge.net for more info.\n"
      , width, height+1);

   lines_left = height - instruction_lines - 1;
   if (lines_left < 1 || width < instruction_cols) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Error: can't add instructions because the document\n"
                      "dimensions are too small. Height must be at least\n"
                      "%d and width must be at least %d.\n", 
                      instruction_lines, instruction_cols);

   while (lines_left > 1) {
      fputs("\n", outf);

   fputs("----------------------------------------[ BOTTOM ]-------\n",outf);

   for (i = 4; i >= 1; i--) {
      fputs("----------------------------------------[ TOP ]----------\n",outf);
      lines_left = height - 2;

      fprintf(outf, "(movie starts in %d frame[s])...\n", i);

      while (lines_left-- > 0) fputs("\n", outf);
      fputs("----------------------------------------[ BOTTOM ]-------\n",outf);

void output_shellscript_instructions() {
"echo 'This is an aewan animation shellscript. It will now play an'\n"
"echo 'animation on your terminal. Please make sure the terminal'\n"
"echo 'has at least the following dimensions:'\n"
"echo '     %d lines, %d columns'\n"
"echo 'This animation was generated with AEWAN, an open-source ascii art and'\n"
"echo 'and animation editor. For more info, see http://aewan.sourceforge.net'\n"
"echo 'Press ENTER to start the animation'\n"
"echo -ne '\\e[2J\\e[H'\n"
      , height, width);

void output_lessmovie() {
   int i;

   if (add_instructions) output_lessmovie_instructions();

   for (i = 0; i < doc->layer_count; i++) {
      VirtualLayer *vl = vlayer_create_from_layer(doc->layers[i]);
      export_vlayer_to_ansi(vl, use_color, true, false, outf);

void output_shellscript() {
   int i;

         "# This is an aewan animation shellscript. Upon execution,\n"
         "# it will play an animation on the terminal.\n"
         "# Aewan is an open-source ascii art and animation editor.\n"
         "#       http://aewan.sourceforge.net\n"
         "echo -ne '\\e[2J\\e[H'\n", outf);

   if (add_instructions) output_shellscript_instructions();

   for (i = 0; i < doc->layer_count; i++) {
      VirtualLayer *vl = vlayer_create_from_layer(doc->layers[i]);
      fputs("echo -ne '\\e[H'\n", outf);
      fputs("cat <<QWPOEIURASDKJFAS\n", outf);
      export_vlayer_to_ansi(vl, use_color, true, true, outf);
      fputs("\nQWPOEIURASDKJFAS\n", outf);
                /* FIXME: heinous bug: if the layer drawing mentions
                 * the word QWPOEIURASDKJFAS at the beginning of a line,
                 * bash will get confused. */
      fprintf(outf, "sleep %.3f\n", interframe_delay / 1000.0f);

#define FMT_LESS 0
#define FMT_SH   1
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
   const char optstr[] = "f:Nbd";
   int ch;
   int format = FMT_LESS;
   const char *inputfile, *outputfile;

   while (0 <= (ch = getopt(argc, argv, optstr))) {
      switch (ch) {
         case 'f':
            if (!strcasecmp(optarg, "less")) format = FMT_LESS;
            else if (!strcasecmp(optarg, "sh")) format = FMT_SH;
            else {
               fputs("Unrecognized animation format!\n", stderr);
               return 1;
         case 'N': add_instructions = false; break;
         case 'b': use_color = false; break;
         case 'd': interframe_delay = atoi(optarg); break;
         default: rtfm();

   if (optind >= argc) rtfm();
   inputfile = argv[optind];
   outputfile = (optind + 1 >= argc) ? NULL : argv[optind+1];

   if (outputfile) {
      if (!(outf = fopen(outputfile, "w"))) {
         fputs("Can't write outputfile.\n", stderr);
         return 2;
   else outf = stdout; /* use stdout for output if no output file specified */
   /* load document */
   if (!(doc = document_load_from(inputfile))) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Error loading document from %s.\n", inputfile);
      fprintf(stderr, "Error description: %s\n", aeff_get_error());
      return 2;

   if (0 >= doc->layer_count) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Document is empty. Can't create animation.\n");
      return 2;

   width = doc->layers[0]->width;
   height = doc->layers[0]->height;

   switch (format) {
      case FMT_LESS: output_lessmovie(); break;
      case FMT_SH:   output_shellscript(); break;

   if (outf != stdout) fclose(outf);
   return 0;

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